Partner with us: Help others to “Experience great oysters and gracious hospitality”

There are two ways to get involved with the Lowcountry Oyster Trail – as a Trail Partner (where you will help create and sustain the Trail experience for Lowcountry tourists and residents}, and/or as a Sponsor of the Lowcountry Oyster Trail.

These two different options enable service and product providers to be part of the LOT. Those who do not qualify for a spot on the Trail can participate as a Sponsor, and Trail Partners can further enhance their own branding by exploring additional sponsorship opportunities, as well.



The LOT region is defined as a geographical area extending from Charleston south to the SC state border with Georgia, and west to include Chatham and Effingham Counties in Georgia but otherwise defined by the Savannah River bi-state maritime boundary.

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  • Benefits
  • AquaArtisans
  • AquaCureans
  • The Pearls
  • Oyster Beds
  • The Shell Ring
  • General

Trail Partner Expectations

  • Every Trail Partner will deliver an exceptional tourism or customer experience.
  • Every Trail Partner is a steward of that experience.
  • Know and respect our customers.
  • User engagement and interaction is essential.
  • The LOT brand should be consistently and constantly elevated.

General Trail Partner Criteria

  • As a Trail Partner you agree to abide by LOT Guidelines and be a pro-active steward of the LOT experience.
  • You will guarantee the quality and authenticity of that experience.
  • You will celebrate the cultural diversity of the Lowcountry region and help preserve that heritage.
  • You will maintain regular business hours as provided by you on your LOT website link, according to your seasonality.
  • You will prominently display your LOT Trail Partner plaque once you have qualified for partnership.
  • You will explore and engage in possible combining with other Trail Partners to enrich the customer experience.
  • You agree to a presence on the LOT website and other LOT applications and to advise on a timely basis the appropriate Administrator of any changes to your information.


Lowcountry Oyster Trail Partner Benefits

  • Association with a community dedicated to a dynamic tourism, economic development, and environmental initiative!
  • Your fully dynamic and integrated business profile page on LowcountryOysterTrail.org website and mobile applications.
  • Inclusion on LOT dynamic google map showing location, name, and links to your profile page.
  • A LOT plaque for business display signifying you as a Trail Partner.
  • Use of LOT logo according to brand book guidelines, which you will be given.
  • Event calendar and digital marketing inclusion.
  • Trail Partner networking opportunities.
  • Participation in Trail Partner promotions on opt-in basis.
  • Eligible for additional marketing and PR services at negotiated fee.
  • Participation in media and familiarization tours for “soft launch.”
  • Invitation to special LOT events.
  • Trail maps and brochures provided to you at cost.
  • Opportunities for sponsored content on blogs, blast emails, and social media pages.


Teach and Learn

Watermen, Naturalists, Ecologists, Tour Guides and Operators, Museums, and Nature Centers


  • Provide experiential aspect for customers regarding history, lore, and legend of oystering and watermen
  • Connect past with present marine ecology stewardship, issues and concerns
  • Qualify by demonstration of accurate information, exhibits, memorabilia, images, documents/maps, and brochures or other written material
  • Demonstrate knowledge of oyster farming and/or harvesting

Annual Fee $100.00


Merroir and Terroir

Restaurants and Eateries


  • Menu promotion of at least one or more LOT items
  • Provide menu or table top information about the dish/item, Lowcountry wild or single selects, ecology or habitat
  • Name waterman or producer/grower who provided oysters
  • Encourage recommended wine and craft brew pairings
  • Feature a monthly LOT menu oyster emphasis or special preparation

Wine and Brine

Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries, Farmer’s Markets


  • Grow and/or feature regional foods, wines, spirits, and brews
  • Markets feature Lowcountry produced oysters on a regular basis
  • Once a quarter feature or host a LOT event
  • Feature product as a pairing with Lowcountry oysters at place of business or at complementary vendor(s) sites

Annual Fee $200.00

The Pearls

Retail Parnters

Retail shops, Gift shops, Galleries, Artisans and Crafts People


  • Display and sell LOT apparel and peripherals and branded sundries
  • Regional artists/artisans who feature oysters in their subject matter or product
  • Prioritize “Made in U.S.A.” and feature art of the Lowcountry
  • May conduct workshops or demos
  • LOT materials (maps, brochures) on display
  • Crafts from kits will not qualify

Annual Fee $250.00

Oyster Beds


Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfast, Inns, Cabins, Vacation Rentals, Campgrounds, and RV Sites


  • Located in Lowcountry region
  • Features/displays LOT interpretive materials and may on occasion host educational sessions
  • Displays LOT plaque
  • Creates experiential tourist packages in combination with other Trail Partners, e.g., tour operators, restaurants, wineries, museums, outdoor adventures, etc.

Annual Fee $350.00

The Shell Ring

The Shell Ring Guidelines

Become a part of “The Shell Ring” – our LOT Sponsorship level, providing those who want to be involved with the Lowcountry Oyster Trail with a way to be part of this unique initiative. Shell Ring sponsors can be corporate sponsors, small companies, organizations or individuals. Shell Ring sponsorship is open to those who are not on the Trail itself, as well as Trail partners who are interested in expanding their level of exposure and creating additional exposure for their company/organization brand through added sponsorship.

Sponsorships are purchased on an annual basis, with benefits of sponsorship lasting the duration of one year, and can be renewed each year.

Specific levels of Shell Ring Sponsorship (and benefits associated with each level of sponsorship) are as follows:

$10,000 – Platinum Level Sponsor, includes the following benefits of sponsorship:

  • Logo prominently featured on the Lowcountry Oyster Trail website with direct link to your website
  • Inclusion in press materials and press releases as a major supporter of the Lowcountry Oyster Trail
  • Participation in press tour for launch and opportunities for major media coverage in association with launch of the Trail
  • Logo featured in sponsorship section on brochure/map
  • Company name/logo featured in email blasts/monthly newsletters
  • Company name/logo featured on all ads (both print and electronic)
  • Inclusion on social media channels
  • Invitation to special events
  • Opportunity for sponsored content on blog, emails and social media pages to further publicize your company/organization
  • Provided with Lowcountry Oyster Trail maps/brochures for you to distribute, to further showcase your involvement in the LOT to your key audiences
  • Provided with Lowcountry Oyster Trail window stickers denoting Lowcountry Oyster Trail affiliation
  • Opportunities for co-marketing in association with the LOT
  • Opportunities for co-branded merchandise
  • Development of and prominent positioning of fully dynamic, integrated Profile Page on Lowcountry Oyster Trail website and app

$5,000 – Gold Level Sponsor, includes the following benefits of sponsorship:

  • Acknowledgement in sponsorship section on brochure/map
  • Listed on the Lowcountry Oyster Trail website as a sponsor with link to your website
  • Inclusion in email blasts/monthly newsletters
  • Inclusion in ads electronic/print
  • Inclusion on social media channels
  • Invitation to special events
  • Lowcountry Oyster Trail maps/brochures provided for your business
  • Lowcountry Oyster window stickers denoting Lowcountry Oyster Trail affiliation

$1,000 – Silver Level Sponsor, includes the following benefits of sponsorship:

  • Acknowledgement in sponsorship section on brochure/map
  • Listed on the Lowcountry Oyster Trail website as a sponsor with link to your website
  • Inclusion in email blasts/monthly newsletters
  • Inclusion on social media channels
  • Invitation to special events

$500 – Bronze Level Sponsor, includes the following benefits of sponsorship:

  • Acknowledgement in sponsorship section on brochure/map
  • Inclusion in email blasts/monthly newsletters

In addition to specific sponsorship level benefits, all sponsors receive:

  • Quarterly email newsletters featuring news & opportunities
  • Periodic event announcements
  • Eligible to participate in LOT networking events.
  • Eligible for menu of fee-based Consultation Services.
  • Eligible for sponsorship & co-marketing opportunities
  • Eligible to participate in the Lowcountry Oyster Trail (regionally specific, guidelines apply)
  • Certificate of Lowcountry Oyster Trail affiliation
  • Use of graphic seal denoting Lowcountry Oyster Trail affiliation
  • Opportunity to purchase maps/brochures at cost for display at your business

How to become a LOT Trail Partner or Sponsor

  1. Read and agree to general and specific criteria appropriate for your Partner or Sponsor segment.
  2. Fill out LOT Trail Partner application form in its entirety (online below, or click here to download a PDF membership application).
  3. Include check for correct payment (including one-time set-up fee per application: $25.00) made out to: SC Lowcountry Oyster Trail Fund #494. Mail to: SC Lowcountry Oyster Trail Fund #494, P.O. Box 23019, Hilton Head Island, SC 29925
  4. Your completed application and Trail Partner site eligibility will be reviewed for acceptance. An on-site visit may be arranged.
  5. Upon approval you will receive login PIN code. A LOT plaque will be issued to you. You will start enjoying Trail Partner benefits! Congratulations.

Questions about a LOT Trail Partnership and/or an LOT Sponsorship? Please complete our online contact form, email [email protected] or reach out to us by phone at 888-587-4593, Ext. 2.

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