Welcome to the Lowcountry! Home to miles and miles of riverbanks, salt marshes and creeks rich with Crassostrea virginica, also known as the eastern oyster. What makes our Lowcountry oyster different is our special marine ecosystem. It creates merroir, the aquatic equivalent of terroir in grapes. Simply put we have the perfect environment for growing tasty, briny wild harvest clusters or special aquatic farm-raised single selects. We’re so proud of our watermen and their rich history and legacy, their robust oyster culture, that we built a whole Sea-to-Fork and AquaTourism movement around them. Now you get to savor the experience, too… Great oysters and gracious hospitality make a special experience.

While oysters are central to a Lowcountry Oyster Trail (LOT) itinerary, we’re very proud of a history that started before Jamestown and Plymouth (Santa Elena) and stretches from the American Revolution to rice plantations and ante-bellum Civil War; from Paleolithic Indians to Gullah history to Martin Luther King (The Historic Penn Center), Add in great shopping options from souvenirs to haute couture and fine art and it’s a LOT to love.

To help you plan your trip, we’ve put together some suggested itineraries for all interests and timelines. We hope you customize your very own stay. So Savor the Experience and Eat the Trail. And hurry back soon!