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At Lady’s Island Oyster we grow premium single oysters that are destined for raw bars and fine restaurants throughout South Carolina.

We spawn our oysters in our hatchery and roughly one year later they are ready for you to enjoy. The baby oysters are meticulously cared for until they are ready to settle. When they are ready to settle, Frank provides them with the ideal environment to make sure they settle as singles, not in clusters. This ensures each oyster can grow in all proportions for the rest of its life. This gives the Single Lady a deep cup and nice fan across its bill. From the hatchery, the oysters are moved to our land-based nursery for a couple of months until they are ready to be placed in mesh containers and put out to sea for the remainder of their life. They remain at sea on our lease for roughly one year, being cared for on a weekly basis.

Our oysters are harvested to order. Our oysters stay in the water until they meet our highest quality standards then its off to market. When we harvest we pick out of our bags only those oysters meeting our quality standards and the rest are returned to the water to continue to grow. Our harvesting is supported by a small footprint on land because our oysters are delivered to our customers quickly ensuring freshness and enjoyment for our customers. Our oysters, whether its a Single Lady or a Jewel have a signature flavor that comes from the clean, crisp waters of the St. Helena Sound estuary. Enjoy the briny start and sweet finish of our Lady’s Island oysters!

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