Shell Art Trail, Trail Sponsor

heART of the Lowcountry: How Being a Part of the LOT Shell Art Trail Can Bring People, and Business, Right to Your Front Door

What do people love almost as much as oysters? Art. And we’ve found a way to bring together the unique culinary, and aesthetic, attributes of the beloved Lowcountry oyster …. as we get ready to launch the Lowcountry Oyster Trail Shell Art Trail this Fall.

The LOT Shell Art Trail is a soon-to-be-launched public art “scavenger hunt” that we’ve created in conjunction with the Lowcountry Oyster Trail – where up to 30 unique Oyster Sculptures (each individually decorated by local artists) will be placed throughout the community. These unique 4’ tall fiberglass oyster sculptures will not only be creating excitement in the community as part of a unique Shell Art Trail, but can (literally and figuratively) bring business directly to your door.

How? By being part of the Shell Art Trail and sponsoring/showcasing one of these unique sculptures, you and your business will be ”on the map” – becoming a destination for hundreds (if not thousands) of tourists and Lowcountry locals alike in the months ahead. All you have to do is say “yes” … and we’ll do the rest – including commissioning a local artist to decorate your fiberglass oyster. Then tell us where you’d like “your oyster” to be placed (either right at your business, or we can suggest some prime spots that will help create foot traffic to your location) … and you’ll be part of this unique public art trail destined to become one of the Lowcountry’s biggest attractions for food-lovers, art-lovers, adventure-lovers … and everyone in between.

We’re getting ready to officially create the Shell Art Trail … and our “oysters” are booking up fast. Sound like something you’d like to be involved in? Click here to learn more about how you can claim your oyster and your spot on the trail that everyone is sure to be talking about in the weeks and months ahead. As part of the launch of the Shell Art Trail in October, we’ll be kicking off a major advertising/marketing/public relations campaign … which, as a part of the Shell Art Trail, you’d reap the benefits of (and added company visibility), too!

So while there may not be a pearl in every oyster, these 4’ tall fiberglass oysters that will soon be scattered throughout the community are sure to bring good fortune (and potential new customers) to those who become part of this exciting new program here in Bluffton. We hope you’ll be one of them. Call us today to discuss how you can “get on the Trail” … and let the Lowcountry oyster season (and your company’s business growth) begin!

Click here download a Shell Art Trail form.